Gredos Mountain, reign of silence


The Gredos Mountains is the reign of silence.  It’s possible to ride for an entire day without seeing a single person.  Years ago, narrow paths connected small towns, however the towns have been abandoned, the trails are grown over and the rider has the sensation, like the conquistadors, of discovering a new world.  Only the cows and horses grazing on Summer pastures give an indication that somewhere, man is managing to survive in this land that is closed off by cold in Winter.  We propose for you to discover Gredos during the explosion of Spring, the vibrant green, the spring melts causing streams to bubble over, the yellow tint of the Piorno flower, the intense fragrance of a perfect silence.

 From here until 2.000 meters we’ll experience Gredos in its full splendor.  Sheer walls of granite, impossible stone figures and the Piorno flower, the only plant species apart from high altitude pastures.  On clear days, we can see                 the horizon as far as 80                              kms. away. 

                       Here Gredos again                               shows us the spectacle                          of her immenserock                              walls, vertical spaces                           which climbers use to                    put themselves to the test.           We’ll test our own ability             following ancient paths                    forged by herds of cattle, the main  economic resource of this region, and marked by the slow passing of time.  We’ll traverse continuous slopes and steep ascents in order to arrive at the Tormes River

Not too many years ago, the trail awaiting us on this day was used by travelling herds of cows and horses on their constant search for the best grazing land.  Today, only an occasional rider like us, possibly escorted by an eagle or Red Kite, evokes these journeys.                       The Puerto de Chía pass               opens the door to the                  Corneja River valley                     where oak forests                             shade tranquil paths.           Navacepedilla del Corneja                        is the first of several towns          showcasing the rustic granite    architecture typical to this region. 

We’ll ride through an inviting pine grove with trees as high as 30 mts.  Once again, the hoofprints of cattle herds show us the way to the Puerto del Pico mountain pass, located above the Valley of Five Villages.  The Romans were well aware that this was the best spot to cross the sierra from north to south and built a road which even today remains during about 6 kms, and which we’ll follow until we arrive at the town of Cuevas del Valle.  The local architecture is typical of the region, with wooden balconies overflowing with flowering plants carefully tended by residents. 

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